Wildhorse Trading CO 

Feed & Farm Supply

We are a family run Feed Store

Phone: 406-826-2002

Hours: Mon -Fri  10am-5:30pm

Sat 10:30am-3:30pm

Facebook: Wildhorse Home Ranch Feed

We got dog food, feed, cards, puzzles, jewelry assortments, dog toys and treats, free popcorn, some clothing apparel, what we don't have we can most likely get!

We sell in bulk, inquire on the phone, in store, or on our Facebook page. Come check us out and let us meet your needs the best way we can suit you!

Post Sizes: 






Barley Straw Bales 35 lb bales

Kaniksu Products 50 lbs bags

CHS Payback Feed 

General Feeds 80 lb bags

We Also Carry